Helping Jehovah’s Witnesses Come to Jesus  –Mt. 28:19, 20

Ten helpful suggestions for Christians:

  1. Come along side the Jehovah’s Witness as a friend would do.  Try not to have a debate; avoid building walls.  Try to show genuine love and respect and patience toward them.
  2. Realize that they are at your door because of their obedience to God’s Word and because of genuine concern for you.
  3. Don’t hold them personally responsible for Watchtower deception. Rather, approach them as ones who have been masterfully deceived.
  4. Respectfully share Watchtower false prophecies showing them photographs of the organizational claims and then ask how they feel about these false prophecies.  Remember that they come to you fully confident that Watchtower truth is the truth and that their leaders are faithful and true and that Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only true religion.
  5. When they speak, be a good listener and ask the same of them. Your approach might include asking them to share what their learning about God as a Jehovah’s Witness and then asking them to allow you to share what you believe as a born again believer. Point out that if each of you has different views on the essential Christian doctrine that obviously both cannot be right.
  6. Make every effort to thoroughly examine each scripture, not rushing and not jumping from one subject to another.
  7. Ask them for their testimony: how, when, and why they became a Jehovah’s Witnesses and then share your testimony and your personal relationship with Jesus, and the assurance, joy and peace that you have received.
  8. When concluding your time together, ask them if they would like to meet again.  Encourage further discussions. Emphasize that both of you love God, both of you love God’s truth, and how important it is to know God and to accurately know His Word.
  9. Communicating effectively to Jehovah’s Witnesses requires prayer, the Holy Spirit, and a personal devotion and command of scripture. Effective witnessing comes through knowing the essential Christian doctrine and most importantly, knowing Jesus personally.  Peter tells us, “Always be ready to make a defense for your faith.” (I Peter 3:15) Also read 2 Timothy 2:15; Acts 17:10, 11 & 2:42.
  10. Finally, remember that it is God who opens hearts to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Acts 16:14). So prayer is always the key to our witnessing.
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Vanessa November 26, 2015 at 1:46 AM

even the part about how to deliver ccsitriim with a caveat I’d like to add regarding the idea that people are drifting from kindness to nihilism. I have observed that most people tend to think that things were better back in the day. Especially when they were young. Then they get older and they tend to think that everyone is disrespectful, out for themselves, and the world is going to crap. Yes, these trends do happen, but I suggest that this is an internal change of perception more than an outwardly one.I’m sure you realize that the elderly complained about the young thousands of years ago. The elderly did so back when movies were black and white, too. You know, back when my grandparents were my age.In other words, our grandparents grandparents complained about them (or their generation) too. If things truly are going continuously downhill, for thousands of years, we would have destroyed ourselves long ago.The older we get, the more aware we are of the bad stuff. This colors our point of view. We tend to think the world is getting worse, even during times when it’s getting better. This is a trait that groups like the WTS can use against us, BTW. How many times have they asked, Don’t you agree that the world is getting worse? Then they segue into their spiel.I remember the 80s as a time of innocence, yet there was the constant threat of nuclear war and terrorism. I was just a kid, though. I see the 80s through a child’s eyes, and the twenty-first century through the eyes of 38 year old. Everyone does this.I’m not saying that your wrong, exactly. Only that these trends go up and down with the times, even though it may seem they are going one direction only. The one constant the barometer that keeps moving down, down, down is ourselves and how we see the world.I hope you can take some comfort in that. I try to. I’d like to call myself a secular humanist, but only reluctantly. Only to the extent that humans are the only game in town, and hence, the only hope we have. No gods will be swooping in the save us. No angels will show up on our doorsteps bearing gifts. It’s all us, sink or swim.I choose to swim.Speaking of spiels .Thanks again for commenting.


Dawne December 28, 2015 at 11:18 AM

You make some interesting points but, in our view, the fact remains that truth is truth and we believe it is found conclusively in the Bible. A simple exercise like googling “reference books supporting the Bible” as opposed to supporting the Book of Mormon or the Quran, for example, will reveal some insight into this. We pray that you became a seeker of the truth–Who is Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Thank you for reading our site and for commenting.


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